Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Book Club: Divergent

1. What did you think of the world that Divergent is set in? Would you have thrived or failed in that world? Was it realistic?
At its heart, this book is a dystopian fantasy novel and didn't strike that realistic chord within me. It's believable, but just not that believable. We're all essentially Divergent because of the way we are raised, with no real faction to call home. I'm pretty sure I would have failed because I would fight the typing system too strongly.

2. What would be the biggest pro to living in a world with factions? Biggest con?
It's easy to know where you belong if you type strongly as one of the factions. Life is pretty simple when you only have a few job options available to you once you grow up. By that same token though, if you don't type strongly into one faction (or apparently if you fail out of Dauntless), life is pretty crappy. The whole fact that there is a section of factionless people is a major failing of the system. I anticipate they'll probably play a role in the future books.

3. What faction would be in? Which faction was your favorite?
I'm going with Dauntless for the faction I'd be in. And, Dauntless was my favorite based on the ideals. The way it was portrayed in the book wasn't exactly true to those ideals as was evidenced by Four's feelings on the topic.

4. Why do you think Tris picked the faction that she did? Were you surprised? Were you surprised about her brother?
At first, I don't think she picked Dauntless out of any deep meaningful thoughts. She envied the Dauntless kids, to the point where she wanted to be them. I doubt that she understood the depth of what she was getting herself into when she made the first leap. I wasn't surprised with her or her brother's choice, because I think the foreshadowing in this book was heavy-handed.

5. Let’s talk about Tris – did she make you want to be 16 again? Did you love her or hate her?
I think she started out as the typical teenager but evolved into something a little more. If she had stayed in the original faction she was born to, I might have put the book down.

6. Let’s talk about Four – love him or hate him? Were you surprised by his “big reveal”?
While I saw his big secret coming a million miles away with all the foreshadowing happening (see list item #4), I like Four. His relationship with Tris is something cute and precious. Veronica Roth did an excellent job portraying first love with that pairing.

7. Why do you think the factions found being Divergent so threatening? What would you do it YOU were Divergent?
It undermines their entire concept of society. Their world is built upon the core perception that everyone falls into one singular faction, and doesn't strongly portray characteristics of the others. While there's nothing wrong with being Divergent in my mind, I think I'd probably have to keep it a hidden. Divergents are not openly welcome in the society.

8. Why did the serum work on Four but not Tris? (this was just something I was wondering)
The first serum didn't work on Four. The second serum was specifically designed for Divergent individuals and I don't think that Four is as strongly Divergent as Tris is hence why they tried out the second version of the serum on him.

9. What fears would show up in your fear landscape?
I'd certainly have more fears Four and Tris combined. If my regular dreaming about surviving some sort of apocalypse is any indication, more than likely one of my fears would be surviving an apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. I'm also very much afraid of losing my fitness and health, so I suspect that might sneak its evil little way in there. Most of my fears are rather pedestrian, no need to bore you with them.

10. How made at me are you that Insurgent doesn’t come out until NEXT Spring?
I waited 3 years for both A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five and The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2). Next spring doesn't seem so long!