Monday, July 18, 2011

It's morning.

Which is rather unfortunate, because I slept terribly. I could not fall asleep,
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I felt like the one bright bulb, but  I just wanted to be like the rest. Quietly and blissfully asleep! I did eventually manage to fall asleep, but then the weird dreams came. In one of them I was watching a male pepper farmer (seriously brain? what the f?) in some sort of post-apocalyptic (oh, ok there we go, post apocalyptic) world. Somehow the dream then transitioned to me walking along one of the streets to my old middle school and watching some construction workers rebuilding a home. I have crazy, weird, vivid dreams a lot. I should probably start keeping a dream journal. I'm sure some dream interpreter could tell me what it all means.

I have to go make myself presentable for work. I look like something scraped off of someone's boot heels (Eric says differently, this is why he's #1  on my madly in love list),  so I think a shower and possibly three cups of coffee are in order.  At some point today, I'll also toss together my PUMA Week in Training Review (or is it 4? sleep fogged brain) and menu plan for this week.

Do you ever remember your dreams? Are they really weird? Lemme know in a comment below