Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm a dooooork!

goood evening blog readers!

My work days have been sooo busy that I haven't had time to write any lunch time posts. :(  I haven't even had anything really interesting to photograph.  However, when I got home today, I had a package waiting! I may have sorta, kinda, possibly purchased some dorky blog gear:
I got the following items:
  • Mouse Pad(s)
  • A few pads of Sticky Notes
  • Two notebooks for me to jot my blog/recipe thoughts and ideas into when I'm at work
  • Stickers to stick on baked good gifts, with space to write in the name of the baked good!
I got it all from VistaPrint using a LivingSocial coupon. It's okay, you can call me a dork. I know it's true. :) Or if you actually want one of my dorky mouse pads (Mom? Dad?), contact me!

Brownie Challenge
Yesterday in the Twitterverse (tweetaverse?), Laura of Pretty Little Words tweeted about craving healthy (fudgy) dark chocolate brownies. I've decided to undertake the challenge of creating such a thing. I've already started jotting out some ideas of how to create a healthier base and the best way to maximize the delicious chocolately flavor. My kitchen will be a laboratory. I can't wait for the weekend to try it out!

What dessert would you most like to see a healthier version of? Do you prefer cakey or fudgey brownies?