Monday, July 11, 2011

I heart working from home :)

I was feeling kinda ragged this morning. It's either the 8 miles I ran yesterday or Eric infected me with his sickness cooties. That being said, I decided to work from home today. Fortunately I'm at the phase of my project where that's not an issue at all, so I figured why not take advantage of it!

I love working from home because I can have toasted English muffin sandwiches for lunch:
That's my glass of lemon-lime Airborne on the right. I have no idea if it does what it claims to, but it tastes good and it's fizzy.

I love working from home because the view is better:
And because I get to wear sweatpants and slippers:
And no picture can capture this, but the wonderful peaceful silence in my apartment right now is highly conducive to my productivity.  I think I've gotten more done in the last 4 hours than I have any day before lunch in the last two weeks.

The commute time is killer too! :D

Are you allowed to work from home? Do you find yourself more productive at home or in your office? Lemme know in a comment below!