Saturday, July 16, 2011

I actually slept through a whole night!

Sickly Sqrl update
YAY! I managed to sleep from 11:30PM to 5:00AM with only one Nyquil and no waking up at 2:20AM. Woohoo! That's the first time in a week! I feel rested and closer to normalcy. I'm still congested this morning but I seem to be able to hear passably well out of both my ears. I think I'm pretty dehydrated this morning too.  I guess that means many glasses of water are in order for me today, and probably a trip to the loo every hour.

I've been such a complete slacker this week, being sick and all. I haven't kept up with any of the spreadsheets in my care. I spent 15 minutes this morning updating the exercise minutes challenge spreadsheet for the challenge I run over in the CalorieKing forums. I then spent a half hour updating my own personal budgeting spreadsheets, and now I'm all caught up. Phew.

Game Of Thrones
Did anyone watch the first season of Game Of Thrones on HBO?

I enjoy the books even with the graphic and often disturbing portrayals of certain situations. The first season didn't disappoint, and I'm looking forward to the second season. The newest book in the series , A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five, just released this past week so I've got a goodly amount of story to tide me over.

For the last two evenings, I've mostly been lazing about with my Kindle, some tissues and some tea reading the new book.  I'm about 27% of the way through it.  I've no idea what that translates to in pages, because I can't quite understand how pages line up with the Arbitrary Kindle Units at the bottom of the screen. So far it's pretty good, I'm just waiting to see who dies in this book.

I think I'm off to take a nap now, or possibly drink some tea, hoard piles of tissues and read my book. I'll check back in with the blogosphere later on today. Hopefully I'll feel better by then!