Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat wave!

I worked late again today, but fortunately I anticipated it and did my workout this morning. I ended up doing 4x800m repeats w/400m rests.  I did have to cut my warm-up and cool-down miles in half in order to make it into work on time. I showered in the work gym which I really hate doing but it was necessary.
sooo hot.
I've gotta admit though, I really enjoyed working out in the morning. It makes it easy to fit it into the day and not feel like I have to dart away from my work in the evening. And I got to avoid the heat wave today, because it's hot. It's so hot that on my way home, the idea of having warm carnitas on my Chipotle salad was supremely unpalatable. Has anyone ever used Chipotle's online ordering? I've been contemplating trying it but I wanted to know if they allow you to skip the line when you come to pick up your food. Lemme know in a comment below if you have!

I'm not usually in favor of the liquid meals, but a cold, rich, frothy smoothie sounded like the perfect dinner tonight.
I know it doesn't look appetizing but it was a delicious cold peanut butter-bananay treat. If anyone wants the recipe, it's here.

I've got a pretty quiet evening planned. Eric's off suffering in the heat at softball and I'm watching the SYTYCD results show. I'm pretty sure Tadd is my favorite but those abs of his might be the source of that bias.

Are you in the heat wave area? What are you doing to keep cool? Lemme know in a comment below! :)