Friday, June 24, 2011

WTF Weather?

Isn't it supposed to be summer?
I should not need to be cuddled up in my bed with my teddy bear to be warm! It's almost July!
The bear kind of goes everywhere with me.
weekend plans
I have a lot of cooking and baking planned for this weekend. I'm making Ciabatta bread and I'm going out to Home Depot to pick up an unfinished tera cotta tile to bake it on. So much cheaper than a baking stone, thanks for that idea Alton Brown, you da man. I'll also be posting my recipe for my Guiltless Spicy Black Bean Dip sometime this weekend. I'm excited to have so much time to be in the kitchen!

today's workout
Eric and I went to the gym today. I love going to the work gym on Fridays; no one is ever there and I don't have to worry about whipping someone with my speed rope while I jump rope. Well, except Eric, but he's smart enough to stay out of the way. Gym time went like this today:
5 min. warm-up on the stairstepper
Clap Push-ups x 9
Jump Rope x 2 min
Straight Legged Deadlifts x 8 w/40lbs
Jump Rope x 2 min
Assisted Neutral Grip Pull-ups (5 w/45lb assist, 3 w/55lb assist)
Stability Ball Mountain Climbers x 2 min
Barbell Lunge and Press x 8 a leg w/27lbs
Body Weight Squats w/Front Kick x 2 min
Barbell Upright Row x 8 w/40lbs
Jump Rope x 2 min
3 pt. plank (30 sec on one leg, 30 sec reg. plank) x 2
Body Weight Squats x 2 min
Bench Dips w/Stacked Feet x 8
Eventually, I'm going to be able to do 8 unassisted neutral grip pull ups and I will be unbelievably proud of myself.

book time
I'm now off to reread one of my most favorite books:

Are you an avid reader? Do you have a favorite series? Let me know in a comment below! :)