Friday, June 17, 2011


Weight: 123.6
Body Fat: 20.0% + 3% = 23.0%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20.5"

Let's start today off with the deck garden update!
I really need to harvest some cilantro.
This is my sad tomato plant. It's not growing very fast. :( I'm hoping it realizes its will to live in the next couple of weeks, or I might have to replace it with some carrots.
I have got to buy some stakes to help this tomato plant out this weekend. It's getting pretty big now.
The picture's a little dark (it was taken at 6AM on the west side of the house!) but you can see I have several little buds on the plant now! I expect they will turn into to tomatoes in the few weeks. That should help me figure out whether this was my cherry tomato or regular tomato plant...I'm not sure which it is anymore. The tags got lost in the transplant.
This plant hasn't been featured the last couple of weeks. It's a pepper plant, and they grow rather slowly but this one is progressing nicely. It should produce peppers by the end of the summer.

The other two tomato plants (and accompanying basil) are doing well! I've been harvesting a couple basil leaves for tomato soup once or twice a week depending. It's so great to have fresh herbs for cooking.

I'm thinking about hitting up Marshall's or TJ Maxx this weekend because I realized that I have so few summer clothes. If (as usual) I don't find anything I like, perhaps I'll hit up Express and DSW for some new work clothes. I'm in a shopping mood!

The weather is looking good for this weekend as well. I might actually be able to get the deck tidied up a bit.

Got any interesting plans for the weekend? Leave a comment!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's special Saturday post. The topic? FOODZIE BOX! :)