Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ooo, dreaaamweaver...

Image: Boaz Yiftach /
As a kid in class, I was frequently zoned out in my own little daydream world. As an adult, sometimes I find myself zoning out in long meetings at work. It seems like I've always had my head in the clouds!

As it turns out, that's not such a bad thing. A recent study showed that daydreamers are using the part of their brains responsible for problem solving while their minds wander. This led the researchers to believe that by allowing your mind to become unfocused, you give it a chance to let it mull over some of the heavier questions in life. I believe this idea has some merit because there have been countless times where I'm doing a relatively mindless chore when I have an epiphany about some problem that I've been stewing over.

So the next time you're really pondering over a problem, try letting your mind wander while you're doing something like the dishes or sweeping. Who knows, you might just solve it!

Source: Daydreaming

Have you recently solved a problem this way? Let me know in a comment below! :)

Stay tuned for today's lunch post...I've been pondering over some long term weight loss maintenance insights!