Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Tips Today!

No Thursday Tips today
Sorry! Just not feeling into hunting down an interesting tip and researching it this morning.

Running With The Wolves 10K
 I'm feeling rather exhausted and dehydrated this morning. I did a quick scale check to see how badly I needed to rehydrate and I'm down two pounds from my weight yesterday morning. I think some more Gatorade is in my near future. I'm working on writing up the race report, but am waiting for the pictures from my coworker. I'll be putting it up tonight.

Health Screening 2011
Another interesting Sarah fact: I clot fast and don't bleed well out of a single pinprick. The poor woman who drew my blood to run the cholesterol panel on me had to squeeze the bejeebers out of my finger. She actually bruised my left middle finger a bit. I wrote about my results last year, but now that I've got a new set I've decided to move them all into a spreadsheet for tracking.

My total cholesterol is up this year, but I'm not concerned. These screenings aren't done fasting and since they're not legally capable of offering us a full lipid panel, I don't actually know my LDL levels. I will put more stock in my yearly check-up results come September this year.

Stay tuned for the RWTW 10K race report!