Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Foodzie box!!

After reading Averie's Snack Boxes post, I immediately googled Foodzie and put in my order for the monthly sampler box. I got my shipment confirmation e-mail earlier this week and spent most of the week crazily refreshing the tracking status.

It arrived!
So excited!!
Upon opening the box, I was greeted with several papers and a neat reusable produce bag. Thanks Foodzie!
I am particularly excited about the gummy pandas and chocolate brownie.
The oat bar was a little heavy for my preference, and I'm not a big coconut person either. It still tasted good, just not something I'd buy in larger quantities.

I've not yet tried the green tomato relish because I'm not really sure what to eat it on.
I believe the miso paste accounted for this brownie's richness. It was moist and chocolate-y, like every a brownie should be, but I think that it may have been a bit to dense for me. The taste didn't blow me away either, and I still prefer my Death By Chocolate brownies recipe.
Eric and I were excited for these gummy pandas, though why they're specifically called pandas is beyond us. We think just calling gummy bears would have sufficed.  I rather liked them. They had a true-to-blueberry taste and weren't overbearingly sweet like most candy. They were a little soft when they arrived but I stuck them in the fridge for a little bit and they returned to proper gummy bear texture.
I've never had falafel. I don't even honestly know what falafel is, so I don't exactly have much to compare these chips too. The lemon hummus that I love so dearly actually overpowers any mild flavor contained within the chip, essentially making the chip a hummus delivery device. The bag clearly states that this is the chip for hummus, so perhaps that's the goal. I still personally prefer my hummus with plain ol' three ingredient Triscuits or fresh veggies.

The spiced almonds aren't pictured here because I loved them so much that I brought them to work for snack yesterday and forgot that I left them there. They're the perfect combination of heat meets sweet and have inspired me to create my own spiced almonds.

I will now anxiously await July's tasting box. :)

Have an idea what I can use the tomato relish for? Drop me a line below! :)