Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Endorphin Induced Insanity

My car is so shiny!
I took my car to the Toy Wash in downtown Marlborough yesterday because I had a voucher for their best detailing package from Gilt City Boston. I have to say, I'm utterly amazed at how clean my car is now. The exterior was so shiny! The interior is clean and my floor mats no longer have winter salt on them. Absolutely worth it!

Pretty colors!
I've been having eggs for breakfast a few days a week lately, after reading about their health benefits and the debunking of the old "Eggs cause bad cholesterol" myth. I love eating colorful food, especially at breakfast. I feel like it brightens my day.

yay! mail time, mail time!
I finally got my Vitacost package.

If at first you don't succeed...
I promptly took the dried cherries and began a kitchen experiment: Oatmeal-Cherry Cookies. They didn't come out quite right:
I wanted them to flatten out a little bit more and they're definitely going to need more liquid. Currently the only way to eat them is if you dip them in tea. That's fine by me, but Eric said he couldn't put his endorsement on this particular version. Oh well, back to the drawing board with better information this time!

Endorphin-Induced Insanity
Some of my best runs are the ones that I didn't want to do. Such was the state I found myself in last night around 9PM barefoot on my treadmill. It was the most euphoric I've felt on a run in a great while, and it was a welcome feeling. It boosted my confidence for the 10K on Wednesday and it had me considering my future running goals.

Endorphins will do crazy things to your brain; they'll make you want to sign up for a half-marathon in 2013. More specifically, this half-marathon:
You're probably thinking, why 2013 Sarah, why not 2012?

Well...mostly because my core training philosophy is building a slow, steady and stable fitness base. Just finishing a race isn't enough for me anymore; I want to finish it with a decent time. More importantly, I don't want to get injured. Cross-training and slow mileage building are the best ways for me to avoid that.

Since 2013 will be my half-marathon year, 2012's key race will just have to be: