Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Have you ever had one of those nights where you have an awful dream that involves your spouse or significant other doing something that would horribly damage your relationship then your foggy brain half wakes up and you find yourself upset or really angry at your significant other? That's how I woke up this morning, only I think I might have accidentally punched him in my groggy state. Sorry Eric!

I had a really unfocused workout at the gym yesterday, meaning I ended up doing whatever exercises struck my fancy. Lateral box jumps are hard! I do not have the coordination to do those well yet, but on a positive note, I'm now able to do neutral grip assisted pull-ups with 10 less pounds.  Slow but steady progress!

It should also be noted that Eric and I went to throw the softball around on Sunday and the entire right side of my body is sore. Throwing is hard work, yeesh. I'm also slightly less afraid of the ball now, but I'll still ditch on a catch if I'm afraid it's going to smack me in the face. I think this is a perfectly reasonable fear to have, as I like my face the way it is.

Dinner last night was a simple open faced tuna salad English muffin sandwich topped with chopped chives and a small crock of Amy's Creamy Tomato Soup (the low sodium variety). I should really buy stock in Thomas' with all the freaking English muffins I eat.
Celery, red onions and a light touch of mayo
I've been feeling really creative with my food lately, creating recipes on the fly in my head. Sunday night's Turkey-Avocado ravioli was a start, and not a particularly auspicious one because it needed some serious spicing. When it came time for my evening snack yesterday, I realized how much I wanted something smooth, creamy and frozen (because I love getting brain freeze!).

I'd been making smoothies last week with milk, but had to stop because milk and my G.I. system aren't really great friends. I decided to just skip out on putting the milk in and use the frozen fruits with some Stonyfield Strawberry on the bottom yogurt.

The results? See for yourself!
I wish I'd had a sprig of mint to decorate this!

Creamy, frozen goodness without the agony of
traditional ice cream or frozen yogurt!

I've got Ashtanga tonight. For reals this week, I swear I won't sleep through it! I never thought I'd find a style of yoga that fits me but this class is perfect.

On a quick side note, I found out that Blogger's embedded comment widget wasn't working for my blog so I changed it. Everyone should be able to comment now.  However, Blogger has been driving me a little nuts lately and I'm thinking about buying my own domain and switching to WordPress.

Have a great day everyone!