Monday, June 27, 2011

Compiling Idols

It's compiling! I swear!
For anyone who doesn't know a lick about computer programming, this is legit:
I heart xkcd.

My Running Idol: Kara Goucher
Today while my code was compiling, I was perusing Runner's World, and I came across this article. I now totally have a girl/runner crush on Kara Goucher. It's so wonderful to know that even professional runners struggle with head games and have to work to overcome them. This sentence hit home for me:
When she toes the line in a 10-K, the runners around her wonder if she'll set an American record. Inside her head, though, she's wondering if she can finish without walking.
That is exactly how I feel every time I toe the line at any race. I'm by no means an world class runner, but I define my own high standards and sometimes the negative voices creep and start to tell me I'm not a real runner, that I'm not as good as everyone else.

It's pretty ridiculous if you think about it.  I'm 26, fit, strong and healthy as a horse. I shaved 2.5 minutes off my Westborough Spring Festival 5K in a single year. I am a runner, even if it's just recreational. I'm going to print this story and read through it before every one of my races from now on; it's just so compelling to me.

I also love that Kara doesn't look like a super skinny stick runner. She has muscles! Look at those arms! I don't think I could have stumbled across a better running idol.

off to bed with me
Five hours of sleep does me no favors. I'm soooo sleepy right now that I just have to go crash.

Do you have any sports idols? Or a celebrity that you admire? Lemme know in a comment below
hehe! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.