Saturday, June 25, 2011

bzzzz...that's the sound of busy bee me!

Oh hi there blog readers!

It's Saturday! YAY! :)

I woke up uncharacteristically late for me today, a whopping 6AM EST. I know, wicked late, right? You'll excuse me while I roll my eyes at my body's suddenly developed early bird propensity. At least it gives me time to put together a delicious breakfast: two sunny side up eggs topped with cubed avocado on a toasted english muffin with a sliced orange on the side.
I'm a firm believer that slicing your oranges is the only way to eat them. This is probably because it seems like every time I go to peel an orange, three things happen:
  1. My nails turn orange for the remainder of the day,
  2. My fingers smell like orange no matter how many times I wash them, and
  3. I somehow manage to get orange zest oil in my eye, ow.
I guess I'm just a klutz.

After I got the beans soaking for my Guiltless Black Bean Dip recipe, I took a quick jaunt out to Target to pick up some shirt and pants/skirt hangers as I've been short a few hangers since I moved in March. Then I headed over to Lowe's in the hopes that I would find a relatively thin unglazed ceramic or terra cotta tile. Sadly, I couldn't find one so I'm going to have to go back out again tomorrow morning to Target (AGAIN!%#) to get a cheap-o baking stone. I'm planning on making Ciabatta bread tomorrow and the stone is necessary for baking it.

I finally took the time to check out the nearby running store too and couldn't stop myself from purchasing this:
My right leg has been a little off lately, and Foamy the Foam Roller just wasn't able to target the right spots for me. So now I have my own Stick and won't need to hope that my cubemate (Hi Frank!) brings his in. :)

Saturday Night Dinner!
Eric and I usually don't cook fancy dinners all that often. Convenience is key during the weeknights; we usually don't get home until around 6:30 and by then I'm about to turn into a ravenous squirrel beast. So that means on the weekend, one of us actually gets a chance to prepare a nice meal for the both of us. This week I'm making:
Roasted Cornish Hen with a Green Tomato Relish Sauce
Polenta Cakes
Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Today's Exercise
I wanted to get an early morning 3-miler in but when I was about to get ready to go out, it started storming. I put it off, and am about to head out and do that now.  I've got a pretty massive headache right now, so hopefully this run will cure it. Then I think it's self-pedicure time!

Random QOTD:
What's your favorite season?

have a wonderful rest of Saturday! :)