Sunday, June 26, 2011

Balmy Sunday

smoke alarm fiasco
Last night, as I was standing in the kitchen, checking on the Cornish Hen that was a'roasting, our entire townhome's worth of smoke alarms went off. I immediately look around the kitchen to see if I lit anything on fire. I didn't. Eric and I walk around the apartment looking for a source of smoke. Nothing! Neither of us know how to get them to turn off so we put in an emergency call to maintenance. The maintenance guy arrives about ten minutes later, then Eric and he wander about the townhome trying to figure out the source of the beeping.

Turns out we had low batteries in two of our smoke detectors upstairs, subsequently setting off the ENTIRE house. Ergh. My eye twitches just thinking about it.

long run sunday
I did 7 miles this morning. It was one of those fantastic runs that you just feel good the entire time.  That was despite the Florida levels of humidity; I was just in the zone today. I've also been working at having consistent split times for my miles and I'm seeing significant improvements. It's a fun mental game for me to try and keep myself around the same pace the whole time.

I'm in love with making fresh bread! It's one of life's simpler pleasures.

have a great rest of Sunday everyone! :)