Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 more days...

Homemade Nutella?
I tried to make my own hazelnut butter last weekend.I took it a step further after I realized my hazelnuts were just ground and not turning into butter. I added a little bit of safflower oil and a couple of chocolate chips. The results? Not exactly visually appealing:
That didn't stop me from putting it into my oatmeal this morning:
Hazelnuts, chocolate and strawberries are another one of my favorite oatmeal flavor combinations. However my version of Nutella needs some serious work. It was a bit gritty and the flavor of the hazelnuts didn't really pop out at me. That's fine by me though because the kitchen is basically my laboratory and you have to have failed experiments to find the best results! :)

Oops, I skipped yoga last night
The decision process went like this:
Sarah dials home
Mom: Hi Sarah!
Sarah: Hi Mommy, how are things?
Mom: Things are good, how about you?
Sarah: Mommy, I don't want to go to yoga
Mom: So don't.
Sarah: Okay!
conversation diverges away from yoga
I just wasn't feeling up to 90 minutes of class last night, so instead I went out for my 2-miler, did it in 17:25ish and then did a bunch of dishes. I also managed to be in bed by 10:30, yay! A night well spent in my opinion.

Holiday Weekend Plans
Eric and I are staying in and having our own little BBQ. I haven't come up with any good menu plans yet though. I'm waffling between wanting a burger (but not beef, maybe chicken or turkey...) or a good (organic, not sodium laden) hot dog. There will definitely be corn on the cob and I froze some pureed watermelon into ice cubes so that I could make a granita out of them at some point. July 4th seems like an appropriate time to have watermelon granita to me.

I also have plans to reacquaint myself with the marzipan I have in the freezer. I need to shape it into tiny little carrots to use as toppings for my Mom's birthday carrot cupcakes. I love making little marzipan decorations. Last year I did strawberries for her strawberry cake:
Cute and edible!

What's your favorite kind of nut butter? Have you ever tried making your own or do you leave that up to the professionals?

I'm going to implement a new labeling system soon. I'm not in love with my current one but I've got to derive a better list of categories for my posts first.