Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: 5/20/2011

Weight: 125.4
Body Fat: 20.3% + 3 = 23.3%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-17.5"

Fat Loss Challenge @ Work

A bunch of my coworkers decided they wanted to have a weight loss challenge and I've been put in charge of it as a neutral third party. I'm actually pretty pleased with the method that I chose to evaluate them on: body fat weight.  It's a much better metric than total body weight alone. Currently there's no prize except bragging rights on the line, but I'm thinking that I might take the time to create a little trophy out of Sculpey.


The weather in NE has been complete crap this entire week. It hasn't gotten above 64 degrees and we haven't seen the sun in a week. Still, the plants seem to be surviving and the basil is slowly repairing itself. I did have to stage a rescue operation last weekend to save one of the tomato plants from being drowned. I think there's a bunch of leaves in the gutters at the top of our building and subsequently water doesn't flow correctly through them. Instead it pools up and then waterfalls over onto the deck, destroying any plants below it. Fortunately I heard the water noise and was like "OH CRAP! MUST SAVE PLANTS!"

Weekend Plans

My car's driverside directional has been out for a good long while now and since I can't pass my June inspection without it, I've decided it's time to get it fixed. I have to go home to NH for it though, because the mechanic who repaired my car from the accident last June is the one who has the warranty on it. That means I get to see my family, yay!

While I'm up there, I'm hoping to hit up the Levi's Outlet store and try on some of their CurveID jeans. My Express 4's are too tight in the thighs and the 6's are too loose in the waist. I hate shopping for jeans.

Zombie Apocalypse?!

Apparently, some crazy people are saying tomorrow is the end of the world. I'm hoping for Apocalypse:Z. I'll be able to put all my zombie survival strategies into practice!