Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Tips: Sweetening the deal?

Image: Danilo Rizzuti /
I have a difficult time drinking tea without a touch of honey. It's a habit that I've always felt a mildly guilty about given that I don't add sweeteners to anything else that I eat or drink. I try to avoid adding any sugars throughout my day, lumping honey and table sugar into the same category

Turns out I shouldn't feel so guilty about my occasional honey and tea habit.

In a study done last year, the post-meal effects of honey and sucrose were examined for their impact on appetite and appetite regulating hormones.  It seems that honey and honey based baked goods produce a smaller increase in ghrellin (the hunger hormone) and cause a greater increase in leptin (the satiety hormone).

Obviously this isn't cause to go Pooh-crazy and stick your entire hand into the honey pot. Eating too much of anything is going to cause weight gain, no matter the hormonal benefits.  But perhaps,the next time you stop to put sweetener into something, it might be better to reach for the honey instead of the sugar.