Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The main attraction of the weekend:
Evoo Restaurant in Cambridge

I got a softball glove a few weeks back, but this was
the first weekend that I was finally able to go out
and throw the ball around. My shoulder girdle's pretty
sore still, and we went on Saturday!

"No photos!"
Too late.

Sunday we went out to EVOO for our anniversary. I got
all prettied up. :)

He is either a ninja or doesn't like having his photograph
taken...I'm going with ninja.

First course: asparagus soup made from asparagus grown
in New Jersey.  It had a bit more texture than I expected it
to and was a little heavy-handed on the garlic, but overall
it was good.

Eric got duck and goose for his main course. I, of course,
had to try some of the goose. Goose is good. We should
kill more geese to eat them. *shifty eyes*

I had a seared kingfish fillet topped with a charred lemon relish
with buttermilk mashed potatoes, baby artichokes and a
black olive tapanade on the side. 

Obviously my favorite part of any dinner date is dessert.
I had a parsnip cake (which is really just carrot cake) with
some rum raisin ice cream on top and lots of delicious
oozy yummy toffee on the side.