Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kitchen Adventures: Key Lime Pie

I felt like pie this week. I've never gotten to use my pie plate in the entire time that I've owned it, so it seemed like an appropriate time to remedy that. One of my coworkers would argue that this isn't true Key Lime Pie and she would be correct.  It's more of a lime meringue pie, but like many other recipes, there are different versions with the same name due to ingredient availability.
Limey goodness!
My favorite step of any recipe: grating citrus
or more appropriately grating Sarah's thumb

yolks and zest

The yolks are whisked until they're slightly tinged
green by the oils in the lime zest

Whisk in the lime juice and the sweetened condensed
milk and allow to stand for 30 minutes
at room temperature.

While the filling is thickening,
it's time to beat up some graham crackers.

Pulse until ground, then drizzle melted butter in.
Pulse until it looks like wet sand.

Once the crust has been baked and cooled, the filling
is poured in and then baked for
7 minutes before the meringue is added.

Ideally a meringue pie should be allowed to cool
completely to prevent beading like you see
in this picture. Beading occurs because the pie cools
too rapidly and pushes out some of the syrup in the
meringue out of the chemical bonds holding it together.

I'll be honest, when it comes to pies, key lime is not one of my favorites. Even without the meringue, it still wouldn't come close to how I feel towards Chocolate Cream Pie or Apple Pie.  That said, however, I am still relatively pleased with this result. The graham cracker crust was spot on and the filling was fragrant and pleasantly lime-flavored.  I personally think this pie is a little sweet for my tastes overall, but that's just a personal preference.

How 'bout you taste testers? What'd you think?