Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can't Get No Satisfaction

When people learn that I've lost and kept off a significant amount of weight, the first thing they do is ask me how I did it. The answer (eat less, move more, introspection) usually leaves them looking like someone ran over their beloved family dog.

Clearly still looking for the dirty and hidden truth, they ask me what I eat. My reply never seems to make sense to them and it's obvious by the look on their faces that they don't believe my words as truth. Then I mention that I love to bake.

"You eat baked goods? You mean like, cookies, cakes and bread?"

Yes, I most certainly do and I don't mean the reduced calorie, low-fat modified kind. I mean the real thing, the whole shebang. Thar be butter in that thar cookie!

This is where they usually give up and assume that I am completely full of it. I mean, honestly, how can I possibly eat baked goods and stay healthy?

It's simple really; it hinges on a tenet of my life (and food!) philosophy.

I want to feel completely satisfied.

I want my food to be so supremely satisfying that one serving is enough. I want to eat each bite with the same zeal and vigor as the first 

You're probably thinking, "Well, gee Sarah, just go out and buy a single serving of cake then!"

I could do that, but I find that that instant gratification causes me to undervalue the cake experience. It was simply too easy to obtain that simplistic satisfaction, it didn't leave me completely and thoroughly satisfied. I will want more, and more.

I want to work for my baked good. I want to put my own blood, sweat and tears into it (figuratively of course! unless there's a zesting tool involved...stupid zester). Some of the most satisfying food experiences that I've had are my own baked goods. I have never had a better carrot cake than the one I made for my Baking Illustrated challenge.

I don't believe stripping the process of making the food that you consume from us by advances such as fast food and the drive-through was a good thing.

Instant gratification, when it comes to food, has left us with a fat nation.