Monday, April 11, 2011

A Squirrel in Norway

Approximately 9 hours and one plane
transfer later, I arrive at Gardermoen airport.

One hour and one car rental later, I'm at the dorms!
I'm not sure what model this little Hyundai is,
but it's a hatchback and a diesel, so that's a win.

There's still snow but it's bright and sunny.
And warm, at approximately 65 degrees F!

The dorms

My home for the next few days

All you get here is a duvet! There's no cover sheet.
I think it's some sort of European thing. And I'd like
to point out that that pillow sucks.

Snax! And they put in a new television in the dorms.
It has all the same channels but this one doesn't
emit a high pitched squeal while I watch the Discovery

The view to the right of my room. Hi little Hyundai!

The view to the left.