Monday, April 18, 2011

A Squirrel In Norway: Homeward Bound!

I've stayed in the airport hotel many times now, but
this is the first time I've actually gotten a different
style of room decor. This is Oriental.

The desk and my tiny netbook.

The most uncomfortable wicker chair ever!

The view from my room: the entrance to the hotel. Which
is actually an improvement since you can barely hear
the airplanes taking off and hardly smells of jet fuel!

The main reason I marveled at this shower was the
fact that it had a shower curtain. The Scandinavian
style rooms have a piece of glass that only goes half
way across the shower.

Mmmm, room service club sandwich! I couldn't
finish it though. :(

The next morning at wicked f'ing early o'clock, Snuggles
and I are packed and ready to get on the plane.

I was pleased to arrive home later on Saturday to find these!
Tomatoes in the foreground, herbs in the background