Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chips

I spend a significant amount of time mulling over thoughts in my own head.

I enjoy the mental stimulation of learning and pursuing new and interesting ideas, concepts and skills. And I've now come to realize that many of the unfinished projects for my various hobbies aren't exactly unfinished.

I pick up new projects to learn specific things. Once I've thoroughly learned that skill, I want to move onto the next one.

Let's take knitting for example, I have a plethora of unfinished objects stuffed into a plastic bin. I could pick up each object in that bin and tell you why I decided to make it, and when I got bored with it. Honestly though? I have no desire to pick them up and finish them.


To me, they achieved the goal I (unknowingly) set for myself when I started them. I learned whatever I needed to out of the project and no longer see a point in pushing through and finishing it. In fact, that's the way it is for all of the little unfinished craft objects I have stuffed into boxes.

They are no longer mentally stimulating to me.

So as I sit here with my peppermint tea, listening to the wind howling outside, it occurs to me that the curious case of the chocolate chips is solved. I've made the intuitive leap and discerned the real issue at hand.

I'm bored.

I come home at night, and I am not choosing to do things that push me to learn or better myself. I'm not feeding my mind in the way that it matters to me. I'm simply stagnating.

I don't yet know how to fix the problem, but I know that identifying and putting it here are an excellent start. And with my upcoming travel, I've got to figure out something to bring with me to entertain myself in Norway.