Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving is a workout

So many kitchen boxes...

Wardrobe boxes are awesome!!

Fuzzy pictures occur when Sarah is tired.
Sleeping at 2AM and getting up at 5:30AM cause this.

Bedding all packed up!

Such chaos...

The new living room is rather vast.

The dining area

The kitchen has a window. I'm pretty excited
about it. Unreasonably so even.

We're using the second bedroom as an office and
it even has it's own adjoining bathroom!

The master bedroom

Sooo much closet space, I don't think
we even have enough clothes between
the two of us to fill it.

The master bath is huge and awesome.

This will be the office!

The closet in the office has a window....

Sooo many windows

How else would we celebrate the move?
Legos, duh.