Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Adventures: Lemon Cookies

I have a penchant for lemon flavored foods. I make hot lemonade with half a lemon's worth of juice and a touch of honey that Eric informs me is absolutely disgusting. Lemon, to me, is like condensed sunshine; it makes me think of warm summer days and not snow.

Lately, I enjoy using the food processor over the mixer to combine my recipes and so the lemon cookies were an obvious next choice of baked good.
Sunshiney goodness
First thing first, collect all the requisite tools. The butter isn't pictured here because it needed to stay chilled, so I left it in the freezer.
Next up, zesting the lemons. I actually managed to not zest myself this time, so I consider that a great success. Getting lemon juice in a fresh cut hurts!
All lemon zest, no Sarah zest.
The sugar gets added to the zest and put into the food processor.
Lemon sugar
Once the lemon zest and sugar are sufficiently combined, the remainder of the dry ingredients are added and pulsed until combined.
Flour, salt and baking soda
The chilled butter is chopped into bits and distributed evenly atop the flour.
Before: 12 tablespoons of butter
After: The mixture should look like cornmeal.
I added the lemon juice, egg yolk and vanilla to the dry ingredients and pulsed until they formed a ball. Now it's time to roll the blob into a roughly log shaped roll.
Pale, squishy dough
There are no pictures available of the log making process because the dough was much squishier than I anticipated and I had to work quickly to get it shaped and into the freezer so the log could harden to the point where I could cut it into cookies.
Not quite the right shape, but close enough
Once the log is thoroughly frozen, it can be cut into rounds for baking.

Sometimes baked lemon goods have a tendency to be sickly sweet due to an overzealous use of sugar to balance out the tartness of the lemon. These cookies however do not have that particular problem.  They are quite lemony, almost too much so for me even.  On the whole, this recipe wasn't really one of my favorites, but then again I can't expect the whole book to be excellent.