Thursday, March 3, 2011

The 5 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

Cooking Light is running an article series this year called Twelve Healthy Habits. Each month they challenge readers to try to form a healthy habit, and this month's habit is to cook your own meals more often. Cooking at home can be quite trying when you don't have the right tools, so here's a list of five tools I think every kitchen should have:

  1. At least one or two good knives with a sharpener- Cooking will be much, much easier if you aren't using a dull knife not designed for what you are doing.
  2. Set of at least 5 saucepans - This is relatively obvious! How else can you cook without these things?
  3. Small kitchen scale - I would argue that everyone needs one of these but I could understand not having one if you do not do that much baking. Baking requires precision for repeatable results and measuring your flour by the gram or ounce is much better.
  4. General Purpose tools - stirring spoons, whisks, etc. Try to avoid single purpose items as they just promote clutter. I speak from experience here!
  5. Set of mixing bowls - I prefer my three Pyrex mixing bowls, because they can multitask. You can put them in the microwave, or you can use them to form a double boiler with your saucepans.
Having these items will certainly make cooking at home much easier, and possibly more fun. Happy cooking! :)