Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: 2/18/2011

Weight: 124.2 
Body Fat: 19.1% + 3% = 22.1%
Measurements: 34"-26"-33"-18" 

I've been thinking a lot about myself lately.

Yes, I know that sounds incredibly egocentric. You'll just have to bear with me for the duration of this post.

I'm a perfectionist. I believe it's one of my inherent qualities; one that has been exacerbated by nurture. I rarely ever think that I did a good or great job at something. My internal barometer for success is severely skewed.

That is why I'm embarking on a personal challenge to fix my internal success barometer.  Whenever I find myself thinking I did a poor job of something, I will stop and ask myself, "Could I have reasonably done anything more?"

If the answer is no, then I will learn to let it go and consider the situation a success. Otherwise, I'll try to reflect on what could have gone better but not obsess about it.

They're lofty goals. I know it'll take time to really stick, but I'm putting this out there so that I will have a reminder in the future when I feel badly about something.