Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Tips: Peanut butter is good for you!

Avoiding nut butters because they have too many calories?

You should reconsider!

In one long-term study of the effects of nuts on cardiovascular health in women with type II diabetes, researchers found that participants have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease if they consumed at least 5 servings of peanut butter and mixed nuts a week.  In comparison to their counterparts, who ate less than 5 servings weekly, the women had an almost 45% less risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, the participants' total and LDL cholesterol levels decreased.  Researchers theorize that the nutrients contained in nuts and peanut butter may help decrease inflammation in the body and aid your body in utilizing insulin better. These benefits aren't just localized to women with type II diabetes, but can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or gender.

Just don't go overboard! Remember, everything in moderation. :)

I'm a total peanut butter fanatic. I love Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams for a flavored peanut butter and Arrowhead Mills Creamy Valencia for regular. What do you guys enjoy?