Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Top 5 Gym Sins

I frequent the gym quite often. Most of the time I'm in my own world, ignoring everyone else there.  However there are days when I can't help but notice people committing what I consider to be cardinal gym rules.

5. Poor posture on the stair stepper/treadmill/etc.

This is the least frustrating of Sarah's Cardinal Gym Sins. Don't hunch over the machines or slouch while you're working out. Don't you do enough slouching at your desk job?  Posture is important; it makes you look taller and confident. Stand up straight people! Also, stop gripping the supports like your life will end if you let go. You won't die if you loosen your grip. It's okay. I promise!

4. Doing completely ineffectual workouts (and complaining to your girlfriends that you can't lose weight)
This one is relatively frustrating and is usually localized to the female gender.  These are the women who come into the gym and head straight for the cardio machines. They workout at a slow pace and dish the latest gossip with their girlfriends. Loudly. They remark how they are trying diet x/y/z to lose weight and have to get a workout in every day. They usually hop off the cardio machines and do some "lifting" with the one- and three-pound weights and several crunches in a distinct hope to spot reduce. I can't help but roll my eyes at these people.

3. Dropping the weights/weight bars

Must you? It's really loud and startling. Let them down gently. And leading into my next point...

2. Not wiping down the equipment

Seriously. It's gross, your sweat is full of cooties. Be kind, wipe down the equipment. Especially if you're the type of person who sweats heavily!

1. Wearing perfume (or cologne) to the gym

WHY? WHY???? WHY do people do this? It's the gym; you get sweaty and stinky here. No one is going to smell like roses when they leave and it's even worse to smell like stinky sweat and perfume. You're not here to impress anyone and your perfume is difficult to breathe in while I'm working out. It makes me want to gag! Just don't do it!