Monday, February 28, 2011

Lego Bonanza Weekend!

After a trip to the mall, and a couple of hours, I've got
zombies on my lawn. :)
And so it begins...
Time to break for dinner making! We had
beef and broccoli with rice. I'm learning to cook
halfway decent Chinese food! :)
After dinner, it was time to add the garage door and
main entry door!
There's even a cute little stairway into the future attic.
One half of the roof is on...good thing it
didn't rain during construction. Teehee!
Fully assembled but missing key decorative items.
A lawnmower driven by a skeleton for one!
There's a zombie on my lawn! And he's looking at me!
Eric assembled one of his sets and set it up for display
in front of my TV.  
The skeleton on the ground looks familiar...I like the
rack of ribs on the right!
Hehe! It has a meat chop in it's hand!
*pew pew*
This is what happened to my kitchen table after the
first set was assembled. LEGO EXPLOOOSION!
Slowly but surely getting more ship-like.
The next morning...
I like the Leia figurine. :)