Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation's Revelations

I'm sitting in the blissful silence of my apartment, watching the snow whirl outside and eating a homemade crunchy pizza. No television, no radio, no sound except the whirring of my computer and the snow plows in the parking lot. It's perfect and rejuvenating after such a strenuous albeit enjoyable vacation.


Vacation isn't supposed to be strenuous?

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I love Disney World.  I do but it's definitely an active vacation, and I don't just mean physically. It's mentally taxing as well.  I knew that I prefer solitude and quiet before this trip, but it drove the point home a little harder than usual.  I had a hard time not feeling overwhelmed by being jostled and half-deafened by the noise levels.

Fortunately, that was the only overwhelming part of the trip.  Making food choices was easy, the hotel room service had steel cut oats for breakfast and soups for dinner! Plus with all that walking, I didn't even feel guilty having a cone of Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz when we were at Universal.  It made me realize how much my eating habits have changed.  I rarely eat past my fullness factor, and I've definitely slowed down to allow myself to notice when I'm actually full.  I feel so accomplished!