Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm ALIVE! Hell week at work is OVER!

This snow pile gets bigger and bigger. I can't even
walk directly to my mailbox anymore. More snow this
week even. UGH!!!

I have developed a fascination with icicles of late.
I'm probably going to knock these down tomorrow morning
when I head to work. It's satisfying for some reason.

My car is blue. I swear it is, somewhere under
that salt crust that I keep trying to get washed off.
Stupid car wash is always closed!

This the same deadly looking icicle I shot two weeks
earlier. It just keeps growing.

Cold weather = baking! Coworkers will be happy tomorrow.

While my cookies were in the oven, I found
this picture of my Yiayia  under a pile of papers
on the table. She was so pretty!

I may (or may not) have played an hour of PvZ yesterday
 while baking. *shifty eyes*

Found this in my Cooking Light magazine!
<3 Figment & Disney