Monday, May 31, 2010

The Squirrel Race Report: Acton 5K on 5/30/2010 @ Nara Park

Time: less than 28:44, pending official race results on Cool Running

I definitely ran this faster than I ran my first 5Kof the 2010 racing season, so I'm happy to see progress even if it is in minuscule amounts.  The temperature was predicted to be in the high 80s so the 11AM race start time had me a little nervous!  However, it turned out to be a beautiful day with most of the course in the shade anyhow.  I did get devoured by mosquitoes but not badly enough to diminish the successful feeling of finishing my second sub 30 minute 5K. :)

The Squirrel Report: Thursday 5/27/2010 through Saturday 5/29/2010

Friday Weigh in: 125.6
Friday BF %: 20.6%

I did not keep track of my calories very well for these few days but I did keep up with my exercise. I will try harder next week and blog more.  Long weekends are tough when you're supposed to be blogging daily!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Wednesday 5/26/2010

Calories In: ...Too many
Calories Out:  ...Not enough
Net Calories:  Probably too many, dunno, didn't really record

Exercise Minutes: 0 (boo)

When I have days like today, I recall why I eat healthy.  If you are what you eat, and you eat like crap, you'll feel like crap.  And boy, do I feel like crap right now.  I have an irritable tummy and I feel very bloated.  Perhaps a lot of that is PMS related but regardless, I feel terrible.  Tomorrow will simply have to be better.

The Squirrel Report: Tuesday 5/25/2010

Calories In:   1805
Calories out: -216
Net Calories: 1589

Exercise Minutes: 14 minutes of walking at lunch, 40 minutes of running

Running today sucked. It was insanely hot up here in MA, around 90 degrees when I went running. I ended up having to alternate walking/running at the 30 minute mark to bring my heart rate out of the 190s.  As difficult as it was, it was rewarding in the end and I treated myself with some Tart N' Tangy yogurt with Raspberries mixed in at Cold Stone. Delicious!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Monday 5/24/2010

Calories In:    1758
Calories Out: - 179
Net Calories: 1579

Exercise Minutes: 20 minute walk @ lunch (getting my vitamin D!),  43 minutes of CT 

Circuit Training:
0.5 mi warmup @ 6.6mph
Jump Squats x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Hamstring Curl w/blue exercise loop x 15 per leg
0.25 mi @ 6.7 mph
Front Raise Shoulder Molders w/10lbs x 12
Jump Rope x 2min
Pushups x 12 (no modified)
0.25 mi @ 6.7 mph
Bicep Curls w/10lbs x 15
Jump Rope x 2min
Triceps Extension w/10lbs x 12
0.25 mi @ 6.7 mph
Plank w/alternating Leg/Arm Lifts x 12 per side
Jump Rope x 2 min
Reverse Curls w/Stability Ball x 15
Cool down walk @ 2.5mph x 5min

All in all a pretty good day. Nothing crazy to report since my circuit training is done indoors where the wild animals cannot disturb me. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Goals w/e 5/30/2010

  • Get 5 out of 7 green check marks for the week @ 1500 kcal while eating back 50% of exercise calories
  • Complete the Acton 5K on Sunday 5/30/2010 in under 30:00
  • Sign-up for the Running with the Wolves 10K in Marlborough, MA on July 28th
  • Walk at lunch at least twice this week
  • Do yoga or pilates at least three times this week
  • Three runs this week: 2x40 min & Race on Sunday
  • Circuit Training x 3, 1 circuit each
  • Make or exceed my weekly exercise minute target of 270 minutes

Review: Weekly Goals w/e 5/23/2010

  • Get 7 out of 7 green checks at 1500 kcal for this week while eating back 50% of my exercise calories - only got 4/7 green check marks. :(
  • Complete three circuit training workouts and three runs this week - only got 2 CT workouts in
  • Do two circuits for two of the CT workouts (M&F) - did not complete this
  • Three runs this week with durations of 60 minutes (T), 50 minutes (R) and 40 minutes (Sa) - Missed the 40 minute run because my knee hurt one day and it put me behind
  • Two 20-minute walks at lunch, T&R - Walked at lunch on Thursday only
  • Two Pilates sessions - Did not even put the DVD into the player
  • Weekly weigh-in on Friday @ or below 125 - Weighed in at 126 on Friday but 124.8 on Saturday morning...not really concerned
  • Bring lunch to work M-F  - Ate out twice last week...but brought and left lunch in fridge

The Squirrel Report: Sunday 5/23/2010

Calorie Intake:  Unknown
Calorie Expenditure:   0
Net Calories:   Unknown

Exercise Minutes: 0

All in all a profoundly lazy day. I baked cupcakes, did laundry and read all day.  Sometimes you just have to do nothing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Saturday 5/22/2010

Calorie Intake:         1880
Calorie Expenditure: -240
Net Calories            1640

Exercise Minutes: 28 walking around Boston, 45 running @ 10:32 pace

I went into Boston today and as a result ended up eating lunch out.  I had a Ginger Chicken Udon plate at Wagamama that totaled at ~600 calories.  Fortunately, it didn't blow my calorie budget and I was able to have a small dinner after I ran.

It was quite warm out today (mid 70s) so the animals were out in full force on my run.  I saw the following:
  • A raccoon - This made me very nervous...aren't they supposed to be nocturnal!? It scurried away up a tree very fast as I ran by so I don't think it was rabid.
  • A miniature poodle - This dog was very intent on trying to seem ferocious as I ran by, but he failed.
  • A very dead chipmunk on the side of the road... sadface :(
  • The entire flock of geese that live around here AND their stupid goslings.
I hate geese. Some might call my hatred of geese irrational but when you are innocently cruising along on your run and all of a sudden you hear this loud hissing noise because you are within a 10 foot radius of the goslings, it's a little frightening.  I would greatly like for the entire flock to be taken out by a tractor trailer on the main road.

The Squirrel Report: Friday 5/21/2010

Calorie Intake:         2173
Calorie Expenditure: -    0
Net Calories            2173

Weekly Weigh-In: 126 
Weekly BF%: 19.2%

Exercise Minutes: 0

All in all, a very lazy and bad Friday. I ate too much and I didn't exercise at all.  I went to Turkey Farm for lunch and would have been within the green had I avoided that evil oatmeal raisin cookie.  It was so tasty when I left it to warm up in the sun!  I tried out a new recipe for dinner, a poached salmon.  I dunno what was up with the poaching process but my salmon did not taste like anything it was poached in!  The accompanying dill sauce I made from my freshly grown dill was excellent though and I intend to find a way to work it into a chicken recipe.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Thursday 5/20/2010

Calorie Intake:           1999
Calorie Expenditure: -166
Net Calories              1833

Exercise minutes: 21 minute walk @ lunch w/coworkers &  41 minutes of CT

5 min warmup on the treadmill @ 6.5mph (0.5mi)
Jump Squats x 12
Jump rope x 2 min
Hamstring Curls with Resistance Loop x 15
0.25 mile on treadmill @ 6.6mph
Shoulder Molders with frontal raise w/5lbs x 15
Jump rope x 2 min
Regular/Modified Pushups x 6,6
0.25 mile on treadmill @ 6.6 mph
Bicep Curls w/10 lbs x 12
Jump rope x 2 min
Planks w/alternating leg lifts x 12
Jump rope x 7 min to cooldown

Unfortunately, as you will note my calorie target is over again today! Grrr, guess I'll just have to shoot for 5/7 green checks this week, which is better than I've been producing the past few weeks.  I did find a hidden gem though today! Cold Stone Creamery has a fat free frozen yogurt that is only 140 calories a serving and you can mix in fruits.  It was very satisfying and I think I might even have to get a small carton of it to take home with me next time I go. Tomorrow will be a running day, so hopefully I can power through 50 minutes of running.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Midweek Goal Review

  • Get 67 out of 7 green checks at 1500 kcal for this week while eating back 50% of my exercise calories - Missed my target on Tuesday (oopsy), and am now shooting for 6/7
  • Complete three circuit training workouts and three runs this week - Did CT on Monday, took Tuesday off, Ran on Wednesday, CT today!
  • Do two circuits for two of the CT workouts (R&S) - schedule shift due to Tuesday off
  • Three runs this week with durations of 60 minutes (W), 50 minutes (F) and 40 minutes (Su)
  • Two 20-minute walks at lunch, R&F
  • Two Pilates sessions - have not even put the pilates DVD into the player...
  • Weekly weigh-in on Friday @ or below 125
  • Bring lunch to work M-F - brought my lunch on Tuesday but ate out and had sushi instead...oh well

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Wednesday 5/19/2010

Calorie Intake:         1846
Calorie Expenditure: -315
Net Calories:            1531

Exercise: 6.1 miles in 1h4min @ ~10:30 min/mile

Despite the misty/rainy weather here in New England, I managed to get out the door for a 6-miler today.  I averaged a 10:30 min/mil pace and my heart rate was around 168 the whole time.  It really takes a lot to get my heart rate up and pumping these days! I was really focused on thinking about other things so the run went by pretty quick, and before I knew it I was being hissed at by a stupid gander thinking that I was going to attack his little goslings.  Ok, I won't lie, I thought about punting them all but decided it would be more advantageous for my health to just continue on. Stupid geese!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Squirrel Report: Tuesday 5/18/2010

Calorie Intake:          2010
Calorie Expenditure:       0
Net Calories:            2010

My left knee was hurting quite a lot today so I decided to take the day off.  I had my calorie target under control up until about 8:30 when some delicious homemade apricot strudel  (made by yours truly!) crossed my path and I devoured it. Oops, there goes my 7/7 green checks for the week! I'll have to settle for 6/7 and try hard for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow was scheduled to be a circuit training but I may switch it up and go for a run. I'll have to wait and see how my stupid knee feels.

I signed up for the Acton 5K on May 30th today, it'll be my last race before they ship me off to Norway for most of June.  I'm quite confident I'll finish it in under 30 minutes so I'm treating it as more of a fun run than a race for personal records.

The Squirrel Report: Monday 5/17/2010

Calorie Intake:           1826
Calorie Expenditure:   178
Net Calories:              1648

40 minutes of circuit training:
5 min warmup on the treadmill @ 6.5mph (~0.5mi)
Jump squats x 12
Jump rope x 2min
Hamstring Curls with exercise loop (both legs) x 15
0.25mi on treadmill @ 6.6mph
Frontal raise Shoulder Molders w/8lbs x 12
Jump rope x 2min
Pushups, 8 regular, 4 modified
0.25mi on treadmill @ 6.6mph
Bicep Curls w/10lbs x 12
Jump rope x 2min
Triceps Press w/10lbs x12
0.25mi on treadmill @ 6.6mph
Plank w/Alternating Leg & Arm Lift x 12
Jump rope x 2min
Supermans x 15
0.25mi on treadmill @ 6.6 mph

5min cooldown walk

It was a good day foodwise.  I felt really pooped throughout the entire workout and couldn't make it through two circuits, so I'll have to make up for that later.  I think that it had a lot to do with the fact that I got up at 5AM, I don't think I like getting up that early if it's detrimental to my workouts so I'll sleep in until at least 6AM from now on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Goals w/ending 5/23

I'm starting this blog to chronicle my health and fitness journey.  I couldn't think of anywhere better to do it and this gives me a forum for people to ask questions or provide commentary if they wish to. So without any further ado, I will detail the goals I'd like to set for this week.

  • Get 7 out of 7 green checks at 1500 kcal for this week while eating back 50% of my exercise calories
  • Complete three circuit training workouts and three runs this week
  • Do two circuits for two of the CT workouts (M&F)
  • Three runs this week with durations of 60 minutes (T), 50 minutes (R) and 40 minutes (Sa)
  • Two 20-minute walks at lunch, T&R
  • Two Pilates sessions
  • Weekly weigh-in on Friday @ or below 125
  • Bring lunch to work M-F
A little ambitious this week, so I'll have to see how I'm feeling on Wednesday or Thursday for any cause to re-evaluate.