Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Tips: Making your New Years resolution already?

We're fast approaching 2011 and with the advent of every new year, resolutions abound. One of the most common resolutions is weight loss. When you're making your resolutions this year, keep this following tip in mind:

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Listen to This to Lose Weight
By RealAge (source)

You could lose those holiday pounds -- and then some -- in just 12 weeks with help from your ears.

In a study, listening to podcasts that emphasized why achieving a healthful weight is important, how proper nutrition and exercise help shed pounds, and what obstacles to expect on the weight loss journey helped people drop half a pound each week of the 12-week study.

Let Your Ears Lead the Way
Weight loss books, online aides, and face-to-face weight loss education and support can help you on your way to weight loss. And add podcasts to that list, because when a group of overweight or obese people listened to enhanced weight loss podcasts twice a week for 12 weeks, each participant lost an average of 6.4 pounds. The podcasts inspired them to eat more fruit and veggies and exercise more. So listen up and your body will follow your ears!

Losing weight is sort of like quitting smoking -- the more you try the greater your chances of success. Here are more tips on making your diet stick:
  • Look for great information. Nothing beats practical "how-to" diet and exercise tips that you can easily apply. Also, find out what weight loss pitfalls to expect and how to overcome them.
  • Be in charge. You're likely to absorb and retain more weight loss info when you absorb it at your own pace. Let the messages sink in, and revisit the important points often.