Monday, December 6, 2010

The Three Best Exercises for Everyone

The most common excuse not to exercise is a lack of time. However, there are three easy exercises that anyone can do anywhere, anytime, without equipment and still achieve results.  You can even do them at your desk, during a quick break from sitting.

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Every time you sit down into a chair, you're doing a squat. Now take the chair away and repeat the squat motion 20-30 times, ensuring that you are keeping your core tight and never letting you knees go further than your toes. It'll take you less than 5 minutes and you're strengthening some of the biggest muscles in your body. If you want to add to the squat, hold a couple of water bottle or weights in your hand, keeping them parallel to the side of your legs as you squat down.

When you bend down to tie your shoe, pick up something off the ground, you are doing a basic lunge motion.  Now take away the object, and repeat the lunge motion 20-30 times per leg.  When you set up to do a lunge,  the the foot in back should rest on the ball, do not put the heel down.  Lower yourself straight down (do not tilt  your torso forward or backward) until both your legs make 90 degree angles and are parallel to the floor.  If you find you cannot balance when you do a lunge, lightly place a hand on the wall to aid yourself.

The push-up gets a bad rap, but it's an excellent exercise. If you are very new to exercise and you cannot do a regular or modified push-up, you can do a push-up against the wall until you are able to do a modified push-up. As with all exercises, ensure you keep your core tight and engaged to help stabilize you and prevent injury.  If you are doing a regular push-up, make sure your butt is down and your body forms a straight line. Do as many as you can.

Every time you get a few free moments at work, or at home, do some of these exercises.  No excuses!