Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't set resolutions this New Year, set goals!

How many of us have set a resolution at New Years to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking or some other amorphous high-minded goal?

I wager almost all of us have done this at one point, myself included.

A few years ago, I thought perhaps if I were taught how to set attainable and intelligent goals, I might be better off.

Hence, research was done and I learned about the SMART way to set goals (source):
Specific, significant, simple
Measurable, meaningful, manageable
Attainable, appropriate, achievable
Relevant, realistic, result-oriented
Time-bound, timed, timely
How does this methodology apply to the ever popular resolution to lose weight?  Below I've provided an example of how I might implement a weight loss goal:
Lose weight

Current Weight: 155
Target Weight: 145
Total Loss: 10lbs

Weekly weigh-ins to measure progress

Is this goal attainable? Yes.

Is this goal realistic? Yes, 10lbs is a manageable amount to lose.

Assuming a healthy loss rate of 1 lb a week, this should take approximately 10 weeks.

In the next couple of days, I will be using this goal setting methodology to generate my 2011 goals, which I will be sharing on the blog on Friday.  I encourage anyone who wants to do this as well to share! :) Making goals public helps keep you accountable.