Monday, October 4, 2010

Weigh-in: 10/01/10

Weight: 125.4
BF: 20.2%
Measurements: 34"-26"-33.5"-17.75"

I know I said I'd post pictures too, but after looking at them I've decided I'd rather just keep them for my own viewing. I find them to be a bit embarrassing.

This weekend did not exactly get my fall challenge off to an auspicious start. Food-wise I was a little off but I'm okay with it. I had a good time this weekend, and I don't really think I went completely overboard. However, I have realized that running on a day that I've had Chipotle chicken tacos and a small serving of ice cream is a terrible idea.  I spent the entire evening whining and in severe gastrointestinal pain.  If I laid completely still, I was alright but it's pretty difficult to lay motionless.

I was introduced to Marshalls/TJ Maxx this weekend.  I have to say; I'm hooked.  I found an adorable coat for $20, when it was originally $50. I also got an Express sweater that I've been looking for about 55% off. I actually went to the local one during lunch to hunt for some more bargains. I found an adorable purple scarf with a tiny felt squirrel on it and a cute grey sweater dress.

I am hoping to get some more recipe reviews up this week but tonight I've got to watch the Patriots game.

GO PATS!! :)