Monday, October 18, 2010

A recap: The weekend


I know I said I was planning to do my 6.5-miler on Friday, either on the treadmill or outside depending on the weather. I got home from work a little early, and spent about 10 minutes pacing in indecision. It was quite windy and rather chilly, so I ended up deciding I'd use the treadmill a bit later that evening.  Since I had suddenly found some time, I picked up my Kindle and started reading around 4pm. I promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up until about 7pm. Oops.  After that it was a pretty terrible night foodwise.  I gorged myself on chocolate peanut butter and some other food.  I have no idea what exactly triggered it. Friday night was pretty much a big bust, so I went to bed early to force myself to stop eating peanut butter.


I woke up feeling pretty off.  My brain just wasn't firing on all four cylinders. I ended up getting a mild migraine, which made my day pretty crappy.  My friend Mike and I went apple and pumpkin picking, despite my head and it actually left me feeling a little better.  I managed to get five miles in before I went over to Eric's, but otherwise I didn't do much for the rest of the day.  It was a pretty lame day, excluding the apple and pumpkin picking.


What an exciting game! Pats won in OT over the Ravens. :) I made popcorn in a pot during half-time and I documented it but forgot the cable to get the pictures off at home.  I should have that up by Thursday!