Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Personal Training

I've figured it out!

I know what goal I can strive for that will help keep me on track during the SAD time of the year.  Eric's right; what a fitting acronym. I can work towards obtaining my personal trainer certification.  Earlier this year amidst an extremely stressful time for me, I decided that I wanted to get my person trainer certification through ACE. I didn't really dedicate myself to studying it at the time, but now I've realized that I can fit it into my schedule.  It should take me about 12 weeks to get through all the material.  I started studying last week. I've been taking notes using Microsoft OneNote, which I am now completely in love with.  It'd be even cooler if I had a tablet PC, but alas, the netbook shall simply have to do.

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I got my fifth (or was it the fourth?) laser hair removal treatment yesterday and it definitely stung more than it has in the past. It seems fine this morning, no lingering redness but just a bit of sensitivity in that area.  It's completely worth it, because the amount of hair that grows on my upper lip has been reduced by at least 80% now.  The hair that does grow is much finer and hardly visible.  I love not having to feel self-conscious about the stupid hair on my upper lip.  Perhaps I'll consider getting another area done after this.  It would be really freaking awesome if I didn't have to worry too much about shaving my armpits in the summer.

Yesterday's nutrition was acceptable even if the day was pretty darn crappy.  I managed 35% fat/ 17% protein/ 47% carbohydrates. If anyone is concerned about the 35% fat, it's all from healthy fats. I was well under my RDA for saturated fat so I'm unconcerned.  I've actually increased my calorie target from 1650 to 1700 recently.  I noticed I was still on a downward trend, which is clearly not maintaining!

I've got my Pilates and Weight training class tonight. I think we have a sub, so I'm hoping she doesn't go easy on us.  I enjoy being sore for a good two-three days after class, especially since I've already gained considerable definition in my upper body.

I'm hoping to get a food post up tomorrow (pumpkin pielets) so stay tuned.