Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Body Image

Everyone has days where they like their body. And they days when they can't seem to find anything they like about it regardless of the success they've had in reshaping it.

I'm having one of the latter days.

Most days I can stand naked in front of the bathroom mirror and be, if not happy, at least content with my body. It's strong and lean, a runner's body. It gets me around at a roughly 9:47 minute mile these days and it can get me through at least 14 military style push-ups. And yet, on this particular type of day, I can't seem to make that enough.

I look at my body and all I can see is the stretched out skin on my stomach and my arms.  It seems so profoundly unfair that my skin may not ever shrink back to fit my newly lean body.  I'm not sure it ever will, due to the rapidity with which I gained the weight. You can only stretch skin so far before it refuses to return to it's original elasticity.

It's on these days that I wish I could have that taut tummy, I wish that I could wear that bikini, I wish that my stomach skin didn't droop so that my belly button is all off center.  I realize that I could consider a tummy tuck, but I have always felt that we should learn to be happy with what we are given. The question then becomes, how can I be happy with my stretched out skin? Perhaps I should consider them battle scars, a reminder of the war I fought with my body.

These are the type of days that I remind myself with these two pictures:
I have come too far to let a little thing like some stretched skin make me feel bad.