Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm sure that we are all acquainted with the popular idiom that assumptions "can make an ass out of you and me."

Even still, the idiom does not seem to stop some from thinking that their quest towards health and fitness are infinitely more difficult than another person's.  I should know as I spent many a covetous year comparing my trials and tribulations to those of others. Never did I realize how foolish it is to compare something of that nature.

I realize now though.

Forgive me in advance for this analogy but let's say that you and a friend are attempting to solve a difficult computer programming problem. Your programs both produce the same results in the end, and yet they take vastly different approaches to get there. You each encounter bugs in your code while you are writing it, and though you can consult each other for possible fixes, ultimately you have to fix the bug in a manner that makes sense to you. It might take you twice as long as your friend to solve it but eventually you both reach the same point.

Weight loss is a unique and deeply personal journey, to compare yourself to another's successes or failures is meaningless. No two people have the same frame of reference. Only you can define what success is for you.  However, success without humility is hardly success at all.  When offering advice, I have found that it's important to remember that just because I was successful in my own way does not mean that my way will work for anyone else, and that someone else's struggles are no harder or easier than mine were.