Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training wheels

When my parents removed the training wheels to my bike as a kid, I promptly crashed into a peach tree on my first ride.

It is with considerable hesitation then, that I have decided to remove my figurative training wheels.

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I am going to stop logging my food.  I can only hope that I can execute this new phase of my weight loss maintenance with more elegance and grace than I was able to muster as a child without her training wheels.

I consider myself sufficiently equipped with nutritional know-how, and this was the next logical step.  I know that I should only eat when I am physically hungry, and I've been doing an acceptable job with my half-hearted logging over the last two weeks.

But...I'm scared. I am absolutely petrified of gaining weight back. It would feel like the ultimate failure to me.  I do not want to be that girl again; I never want to go back to that place where I was emotionally.

However, I will not let self-doubt consume me here. I can do this, I have done this. I will do this.