Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Chef: Just Desserts -- eee!

I watch a very minimal amount of TV a week, but I simply had to add Top Chef: Just Desserts to the list of shows that I watch.  I am obsessed with baking, and to watch these pastry chefs duke it out with some of crazy challenges is a (zero calorie) treat for me. I've already seen the first episode and I am intrigued by the idea of Basil Buttercream. I might even have to try it out myself.

Today was a pretty "meh" day as far as days go.  I had my physical this morning at 10AM which required me to fast for 12 hours. I've found that I'm pretty darn grouchy if I don't get to eat my oats until 10AM! I couldn't have my coffee until then so I basically had a splitting headache from lack of food and coffee that lingered all day.

My first pilates with weight lifting class was today and I enjoyed myself.  It was good to just focus on what someone else was telling me to do for once.  It's less mentally taxing than me pushing myself along each time I do a workout.  The general level of fitness in the class is below mine but the instructor did provide options for people at a higher fitness level. Even if it's not a super-challenging workout for me, it is something and I feel compelled to go to it, having paid in full for all 11 classes.

I stopped off and bought a few new pieces of Nike gear at Sports Authority before I went to class, and at Borders to buy Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance. I've got some big plans for October which should have the final details worked out within the next couple of days. I'll be posting about it by the end of the week.  I've also got plans to bake up a batch of my favorite fall cookies:

 I'll share a post with the recipe, instructions and some better pictures when I make them.