Friday, September 3, 2010

Successful days

Weekly Friday Stats
Weight: 124.6
BF: 20.6%
Measurements: 34"-26"-33.5"-17.5"

They're multiplying!

I had a major breakthrough with the project I've been working on at work yesterday and have been in  good spirits since.  It's remarkable what finally understanding some code will do for your mood. I might even get rewarded with a Kinder Egg at the next team meeting for getting my code up and running. That would be pretty darn sweet!

It has been unseasonably hot the last few days and it puts a pretty large cramp in my running style.  The forecast indicates that this heat wave should be breaking this weekend, and with any luck the seasonable temperatures will make running more comfortable.  I'm racing another 5K on September 11th, and I'm shooting for under 28:49.  It should be cooler that day which will make it easier to stay speedy.

More after the break...
The eight weeks following this race are going to be dedicated solely to base building and increasing general fitness.  It will be easier than training for a race, but just as necessary.  I've been very lucky to avoid running injuries, large and small and I have to give myself a measure of credit for that. I'm very in tune with my body and I cross train on the regular.

I've also been thinking I would like to trim off a bit more body fat to drop to around 17-18% on my body fat monitor.  It's probably inaccurate but I suspect that if I drop some more body fat it will show up on there. I am thinking about dropping to approximately 1500 net calories a day, while still eating back 50% of my exercise calories.  I will have to be pretty diligent about logging and getting green check marks too.

Earlier this week I had Eric use his fancy Amazon Prime membership to order Brain Training for Runners for me. He hasn't been able to pick it up from his leasing office (they sign for the packages when you aren't home) yet, but should be able to today. I could have gotten on my Kindle but I like to write in my running books. It should be a quick read so perhaps I will be able to get a review up on the blog within the next week.

Check back on Sunday for the second post in the pizza dough making series. This time I'll be using my food processor to make the dough.  I might even convince Eric to provide a tutorial on shaping the pizza!