Monday, September 20, 2010

Apples and "training wheels"

Om nom nom nom, I love apples!
I've been lax in my blogging lately.  I've also been lax in my eating habits.  I am starting to think that perhaps logging should not be considered a set of training wheels for me. I spoke with my running "helper" today and we came up with this analogy:
Running Helper: you could put it another way: you log that which you expect a return from
Running Helper
: eating is an investment for you
I think it's a description that is wont to fit my mindset about life.  I am a numerically-oriented, and I feel like a stray squirrel without a way to see what I've done.  It may be that I never stop logging, because it keeps me aware of what I put into me. If eating is an investment for me, then I'm investing in myself and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In an attempt to move onto lighter topics, Eric and I went apple picking this past weekend. I had a really great time in spite of the overcast skies.  I'm pretty sure we've got enough apples for about a month, and I'm hoping to pick up some more in about a month when we go to purchase pumpkins for Halloween.  Pumpkins means pumpkin seeds and I am already pumped to roast them.

I also had a fantastic 6-miler this weekend.  It felt effortless for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm really loving the Sunday morning long run. Perhaps I'll work towards making it part of my routine!