Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Squirrely celebration!

Something completely and totally awesome happened today.

I paid off my larger set of student loans!

*does squirrel dance*

Woohoo, woohoo, woohoo!  This means that I now have roughly $500 more in free cash flow now! Though admittedly, I'll probably just end up putting a significant portion of that into savings, but I may get myself something nice to celebrate. Jewelry perhaps? We shall see!

More after the break

Today's run was a 4-miler, and I completed it in 41:20 minutes averaging a roughly 10:18 min/mile pace.  I didn't actually have my heart rate monitor for this run but I am trying to go gadget free at least once a week.  I focus too much on hitting a certain zone sometimes and get distracted from the actual joy and feeling of running.  My RoadID came in the mail yesterday so I was able to wear it out today.  I felt so official and silly with my dog tag.

This Friday, my virtual running coach will be in town (so not really virtual) and he's agreed to help me come up with a training plan for the next few weeks.  Thanks in advance, Steve! :)

I'll also be baking and decorating my mom's birthday cake on Friday evening.  I was going to feature that on my cupcake blog, but I think I will feature it here instead.  It's a bit of a tease, putting up a cake that my coworkers won't even be able to eat on the cupcake blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to make the chocolate raspberry truffle cupcakes I intended to make two weeks ago (stupid strep, ruining everything) this weekend.