Thursday, August 5, 2010

Midweek Check-in

Time to see where I'm at with my weekly goals:
  • Complete my 7 miler tonight (yikes!)
  • Complete my 2 mile race pace workout on Wednesday as part of the Shape Up Raytheon! challenge (shooting for 17-18 minutes) finished in 18:08!
  • Get 5/7 green checks for the week  - 2/7 so far, 3 green checks to go!
  • Complete my 13x400m repeat speed workout on Friday
  • Two circuit training workouts this week - have one planned for today at 3PM
Work has been really busy lately and I keep feeling like I never make any headway on the tasks actually assigned to me because people keep coming to me for help. It's good that they think I'm a source for help but honestly I would love to be able to make progress on my own work.

I finally found the charger for the camera so I'll be able to post pictures again, yay! Which is good because I'm expecting two large furniture deliveries on Friday, my new bookcase and a new 7-piece dining set. I'll definitely want to take pictures and share those here.  I would also like to document the process of cookie making for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Look for that on Saturday. :)