Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August already, crikey!

I know I haven't been putting up my weekly goal posts anymore. I think it's time to start that trend again because it helps me stay on track. And with that, I have a few things I'd like to accomplish this week:
  • Complete my 7 miler tonight (yikes!)
  • Complete my 2 mile race pace workout on Wednesday as part of the Shape Up Raytheon! challenge (shooting for 17-18 minutes)
  • Get 5/7 green checks for the week 
  • Complete my 13x400m repeat speed workout on Friday
  • Two circuit training workouts this week

I did 7 miles tonight, which is the longest I've ever consecutively run.  It's funny, I used to think that I couldn't ever run that much but last night I just knew I could finish it physically so long as my head was in the game. I was really beat after but I made sure I stretched and had a decent dinner. Woo turkey tacos!

Tomorrow is a rest day and I really think I'll take it easy this time. Perhaps even bake some cookies! :)